The Forester's Tale

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The Forester's Tale

Throughout the years, Michael followed his own vision of success -- But when you aren't following your true calling, things tend to go wrong.  It takes losing everything and retreating into the forest to break down the walls around him and to leave him open for new love, a revived sense of spirituality and a direction he never allowed himself to imagine.    

The Forester’s Tale is a uniquely romantic and modern parable about the

true success that arises from doing what the soul is led to do.



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    It was timely that this book came to me.

    Posted by Kathy on 22nd Jan 2016

    A quote on the back of the book states: "The Forester's Tale” is a uniquely romantic and modern parable about the true success that arises from doing what the soul is led to do." I kind of thought it might be stories of experiences in the woods, not a book with deep meaning!

    Initially, I had a hard time just getting into Sousa’s story, but began to enjoy his description of the forest and his wanderings, and the natural world around him. The author created the story of a man who had his share of business success, only to lose his business, home and eventually his wife to cancer, caused him to drop into a deep state of despair and withdraw from the world he had known, by becoming- you guessed it- a hermit forester. Prior to all of that though, he had lost sight of the most important parts of his life, especially his personal gifts from God.

    Through his weaving of his dreams and visions with biblical passages, life stories, and descriptions of the forest he walked through, the heart of his story began to connect with me and it became difficult to set it aside. For me the biggest compliment a book can have is that I can’t put it down. I finished it within a 24-hour period. The author(s) drew me in, made me root for the forester and his soul struggles, and reconnect with some of my own thoughts and dreams and passions and gifts, that I was not actively pursuing.

    Quite possibly, my favorite quote in the book was, “Things unfold as they should when you listen.” Well- that is a powerful statement. To listen. What a novel concept! We all have a tendency to talk a lot and say very little, but when it comes time for listening, many just can’t do it. There is just too much white noise in some peoples’ heads to allow them to hear anything else other than their own thoughts or feelings or ideas. Most would not even understand the concept of listening to another person’s advice, let alone a Godly voice that speaks to them through visions, dreams or parables.

    This story may not have been what I expected, and I was worried that there would not be the ending I thought there should be, but I was pleasantly surprised. At one point in the story, the author made the point, that if you aren't going to make the decision you need to make, and keep putting it off, God will make it for you. I have had too many experiences in life to know that to be true!

    If you are just setting your feet in front of you at the beginning of your career, walking out the end of your career, or just at one of many crossroads in your life, take the time to read this story of hope. It may just be the kick in the pants you need.