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Map My Land (Download)


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Our property mapping software makes it easy to create property maps and boundary plats using your property deed or your original survey or GPS data.  Use Map My Land© to easily calculate acreage, record landmarks and plot the metes and bounds of any property to any scale.  Map My Land© is easy to use and with our Google Earth Interface - you can view your boundaries from space!


  As we are sure you understand,
downloaded software is impossible to return.
Therefore, please be sure of this purchase as there are  
No Returns and No Refunds for this Product.


 Map My Land™ Requires a PC that meets these requirements:

  •  Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP (Home Edition or Pro); Vista; Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Component: CPU/RAM: A 500 MHz Pentium II or compatible processor and 256 MB of memory (RAM). (1 GHz Pentium II compatible processor and 512 MB RAM recommended.)
  • Free hard drive space: 100 MB prior to installation. Additional space required for data files.
  • Video: Super VGA (1024x768) video adapter; Hi-Color (16-bit) color quality.
  • CD-ROM Drive: 2x required for installation (necessary only if you order the CD)
  • Other: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (for updates to software); .net Framework 3.5.
  • System Configuration: May require minor adjustments to the configuration of your operating system and/or updates to the hardware component drivers.
  • Printer Support: Works with most popular printers (monochrome and color) supported by Windows.
  • Mouse: Microsoft compatible. Wheel preferred.

 Map My Land© is not designed for Mac computers. Maintaining a separate Mac version is not cost effective at this time. You can run Map My Land™ on your Mac using Apple's Boot Camp technology or third-party virtualization TOOLS, INC.™ like Parallels or VMWare Fusion. These TOOLS, INC.™ make it possible to run Mac OSX and a Windows operating system side by side. You will need a copy of Windows, though.