Map My Land -- A Guide to Property Mapping Software

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Map My Land -- A Guide to Property Mapping Software




Map My Land, A Guide to Property Mapping Software is the perfect complement to our mapping software, Map My Land©.  After launch of the software in 2009, Forestry Press, Inc.  is now proud to offer its first hard copy manual.  This manual takes the knowledge of seven years of software use, consumer input, and technical support and makes it available to all users. 

Map My Land, A Guide to Property Mapping Software is written in user-friendly language.  It is not written in software developer terminology.  It is not written in surveyor technical terminology.  It is not written by a college English professor with a PhD although it is written in English.  There is no need for a week or even a day  of onsite training.  Map My Land software has always had a 15-20 minute learning curve for the basic input of a property deed.  

With Map My Land,  A Guide to Property Mapping Software, the user can go from entering boundaries, to editing boundaries and adding landmarks and lines and all the way to printing or overlaying on Google Earth in a matter of minutes.    This is a step-by-step guide written in simple English.  It is not like any other software guide.  There is no need to read the entire book to find the answer to mapping needs.  Every guide we have ever seen takes the user step by step but if information about steps 2-9 is not needed to learn how to do step 10, the user is in trouble.  One must take the important time to read 200 pages to get to the part that is actually needed.  With our manual, reading between the lines to try to decide what to do next is unnecessary.  Have a question about curves?  Go to the nine page section about curves.  What about Townships?  Read the chapter about the history of townships and how to enter the deed information for a Section.  No need to go to chapter 8 or chapter 9 or even chapter 1. 

Each page of the almost 200-page book has at least one image with most having two or three images. These images are actual screen prints from the software that will show exactly where to enter information and what button to push to make a property map drawing happen. 

The 13 point font-sized print is large enough to read without a magnifying glass and, because it is spiral-bound, the book lies flat on the desk without the need of holding the book open.

All of this for $28.95.  Order your copy today to enhance your property mapping experience.